Little Squirrel


The short story Little Squirrel was written in 1992. It was originally published in the literary journal Nash Sovremennik (‘Our Contemporary’).

Andrei Geraschenko is a member of the writers’ unions of Russia and Belarus, and s the author of more than 20 books, including children’s books and books about the war.

Little Squirrel is written in memory of the children, women and the elderly who were killed in lands occupied by the Nazis (more often called the ‘Fascists’ by Belarusians) during the Second World War. In the story, the little squirrel is a soft toy that the Belarusian boy clutches in his hands, whose symbolism could have saved the boy from death. But this is not how the story ends. The lump in the reader’s throat, and the image of the toy squirrel laying in the bloodied snow, will remain long after the last page has been turned.



Андрей Геращенко


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